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How to Invest in Bitcoin like Benjamin Graham

BitcoinBitcoin has been an amazing ride, and if you got in early you are probably a millionaire right now. I invested into Bitcoin a couple of months ago and doubled my money, it’s that volatile. But as with most investments there is a risk/reward calculation to be made here, and with Bitcoin it’s a doozy. Honestly I can’t think of anything riskier.

This is the wild west of speculative investing right now and millions will be made and lost in the process. JLCOLLINSNH.com put out a great article explaining the potential risks and rewards of Bitcoin and how exactly to get started,,, or not! – Read the Article

5 Simple Steps to Start Travel Hacking

compassWelcome to the confusing world of travel hacking; thank goodness there are websites like BaldThoughts.com to help you navigate it. This post is your launchpad into that world. I have left a lot of money on the table over the years by not taking advantage of many of the opportunities Lee Huffman outlines.

For instance, my wife and I spent months paying off all of our credit cards, and the last thing we thought we wanted to do was put more debt on them. But now that we have paid them off, we really should be taking greater advantage of the opportunities that have opened up. If you’ve always wondered how hotel rewards or credit card miles work, you should dig into this article now. – Read The Article

Actual Money Saving Software: Keepa

dollar-reflectionThis article gets right to the point. Keepa is a Google extension that shows you the Price history of Amazon products so that you can see if the item might go on sale soon; you can even get it to send you an alert when the price does drop. I tried it out and it is very useful. Get all the details here. – Read The Article