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How to buy a Gift Under $50, that They’ll Never get rid of

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Buy what they asked for

Before I tell you about my gift ideas it is important to know that nothing will feel more valuable to the person you are giving a gift to than what they actually asked for. If they asked for something that fits your budget, then you should absolutely get them that.

If someone asks for an Xbox and you get them a PlayStation, they may be disappointed. If they ask for an i-Phone and you get them an Android, they may be disappointed. For whatever reason they have placed a higher value on what they asked for, even if it costs the same or more than something else. If they haven’t told you what they want…. Keep Reading.

Give them money, without giving them money

Sounds confusing I know, but let’s think about this. Pretty much everyone values money,,, it’s kind of the definition of value. You certainly don’t see people throwing money in the trash can a year later. But people don’t always value being given cash, as it can come across as thoughtless or cold.

What if you could give the gift of money in a thoughtful way? What if you could give a gift that costs less than $50, required some thought, and the recipient might keep it for the rest of their lives? Hint: It’s not a tie or a sweater.

Silver Coins

Stay with me now. I know it might sound silly at first glance; something grandpa did 50 years ago,,, but hear me out. Silver coins are beautiful and come in so many designs from all over the World. They can be displayed in many ways, and carry with them a certain charm all their own. Let’s dig in.

Birth Year

One idea is to buy a coin that commemorates the recipients birth year, or a year of significance. So for instance maybe you know someone who has ties to Mexico and was born in 1978. Well what about a beautiful one ounce silver Libertad. This is one of the most beautiful coins ever minted in my opinion; I own two of them myself. You can usually find the year you want on AmazonEbay, or a dealer such as Provident Metals.

Animal Lovers

You may be surprised how many animal themed coins are out there. These coins are highly collected by animal lovers and often go up in value over time, even when the price of silver does not. If you know someone who likes dogs, pandas, koalas, horses, elephants, or even gorillas… there is a coin out there for them.


There are a lot of pure silver coins that would be attractive to spiritual friends and family. These designs include portrayals of significant religious figures or events such as Noah and the flood, multiple Saints, and even the Archangel Michael.

History Buffs

You can even find coins that are hundreds, even thousands of years old for under $50. Granted you will pay more if you want them in silver, but these coins have value because of the story they tell, even though they are often made of bronze or copper at these prices. Anyone with an interest in Greek or Roman literature will find these coins fascinating. Thousands of these coins are available on Ebay and Amazon.

The Display

How to finish it off. There are all sorts of displays, cases, and holders available to put your coins in. You can find them at coin stores, Ebay, or Amazon. I don’t think you can go wrong with a nice wooden box. A nice case says, “this is worth something” and will show the person you are giving it to that you think this gift is special, and that you went to a lot of trouble to make it feel special.