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How Facebook is Ruining Your Savings

An enemy thousands of years old has a new lease on life thanks to the internet. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, they all feed this monster, and unfortunately its food supply could be your credit cards. In essence this is the modern story of keeping up with the Joneses. The good news is… it’s not really Social Media’s fault, it’s ours. Which means we can do something about it.Read the Article

How To Pay Off Debt When You Don’t Know Where To Start

Debt is no fun and there’s a good chance you would like less of it. Credit card debt is especially brutal because of the interest rates. But even debts with low interest rates like car payments can be painful because they take up such a large amount of your income. Simple Finance Mom wrote a great back to basics article on how to start taking steps that can get YOU out from underneath it. She warns us that it won’t be easy… but you like a good challenge anyway don’t you? Read The Article

The Secret to Saving Money is to Trick Yourself into Being Poor

Another fantastic article that reminds us how we can defeat lifestyle creep with some very simple automation tricks. I think we have all noticed how when we earn an extra $100 a month, we spend an extra $100 a month. We usually don’t know what we spent it on, but it’s gone nonetheless.  Over time that $100 grows to $200, then $500, then $1,000. Eventually you are making twice what you used to and spending twice what you used to. This post explains how to get ahead of that issue with a couple of clever tactics. – Read The Article