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Three of my Favorite Blog Posts I Read in the Last Week.

What is Home?
Travel Reflections From an Expat Entrepreneur – COACHCARSON.COM

Did you know you can rent a fully furnished apartment in a beautiful historic mountain town for $600 a month? This was the first article I had read from CoachCarson.com and it was just so authentic and funny I had to share it with my readers. In this post Chad Carson talks about some of his experiences moving into an apartment in Cuenca Ecuador and how his family had to alter their mindset about what home means. There’s a lot to read between the lines here as well. If you are a FIRE investor or someone interested in the idea of mini-retirements, then an inexpensive yet beautiful location like Cuenca could be a profound discovery. – Read the Article.


You Don’t Have to Be Who You Were Yesterday. – NOSIDEBAR.COM

Somehow I stumbled upon this gem, NOSIDEBAR.COM which has a clear focus on simplifying our lives. I loved the idea of this particular post because I have struggled with it myself at times. Britt’s article discusses how we have trouble letting go of things because we fear we will lose some of ourselves in the process. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and she explains why. – Read the Article


Identifying Lifestyle Inflation – APATHYENDS.COM

In this post by ApathyEnds, Chris illustrates exactly what causes lifestyle inflation and how much it’s costing you. This concept is probably one of the most important considerations someone in their 20’s or 30’s should be aware of. Most people make their biggest jumps in pay during that period, and if they were aware of what was happening to their expenses it could be the difference between retiring in their 40’s vs their 70’s! – Read the Article


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