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Long-Term Thinking: the Millionaire Mindset.

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Imagine for a moment the life you would like ten years from now. Maybe it’s you living on a tropical beach, you running your own business, or perhaps $1,000,000 in the bank. Hell, maybe it’s all three. Maybe it’s something altogether different, but you can see it right? 

But why do most people just never get there? Because over time they start to tell themselves they can’t do it, they listen to their loser friends who tell them them they can’t do it, and then at some point they just stop believing. We’re here to tell you… You can do it.



A negative mindset often gets fueled by the fact that things don’t usually work out on the first try, or the second, probably not even the third. This means people with short-term mindsets see their failures as being much larger than they really are.

If your goal in life is to accomplish this one thing in the next 3 months and you fail…. then you feel as if you failed at life. When you only focus on a short-term goal, your goal is going to be small; so of course you will only have small achievements… and because your only goal in life was small, when you don’t complete it you will feel as though you’ve had a huge loss. This is because short-term goals aren’t a life strategy, they are a tactic in your long-term strategy. If you want to accomplish big things in this life, you better have big goals.

You can afford to make mistakes on small goals in life, as long as you keep moving toward completion of the larger ones. Millennials know that if they want to make it in Corporate America today they will probably have to spend at least 4 years in college first. They realize that this long-term goal of Corporate success requires the execution of a thousand small goals, classes, studying, exams, etc. Of course they’ll make a bad grade here and there, or struggle with a major project. But they have a long-term goal, and a few failures along the way isn’t going to stop them from completing it.

The thing is, for a lot of people once they reach their late 20’s they lose that mindset, they become complacent, they push forward with less and less force each year. They let all the defeats they’ve had in life keep them from attempting all the dreams they had planned for the future. This happens because their mindset switched back to short-term; they lost their vision.



Those who think big… those who continuously match their dreams with actions… they have much different outcomes. They keep pushing on like they did in college. Learning wisdom from all their defeats, and over the long-term all their small wins start to pay off as larger goals are accomplished; these people go on to do amazing things, and have amazing lives. Yes, they may fail at many of their short-term goals, but the difference is that they keep their long term goals alive.

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”Thomas Edison


You live in the United States of America. You know… that place where people from all over the World literally risk their lives and life-savings to get to. Why? For a shot at opportunity like no other country on Earth. Do you know how many people have made it to this country with absolutely nothing and then went on to make it big time? We don’t either… but you sure can’t count them on one hand.

You don’t see Americans floating down to Cuba for a shot at the dream, do you? Nope… because Americans are already in the right place. How many immigrants have started businesses here and made millions? And not just the cartels…  ahem…  Seriously though, just think of all the restaurants you eat at, the gas stations you go to, the dry cleaning you have done… think about how many businesses you frequent that were founded by immigrants.

They made it here because they had opportunity, and they had Long-Term GOALS! That’s right, they came here with nothing, but had big-time,,, long-term,,, amazing goals. If you don’t know what immigrant goals sound like, please watch this short video to get up to speed.



So here you are, already in America,,, you know this country better than any newcomer, you speak the language better, and yet you still don’t think you can make your dreams happen here? We call Bullshit! We know you can make it big here, if you get your mindset right.


Start by writing it down; put pen to paper. Write down what you want to accomplish in the long-term. Think 5, 10, even 20 years from now. Then, and this is important, write down a deadline on when “exactly” you want it completed. At first it may seem impossible, and you won’t believe you can do it; but that’s just that jerk that lives in your head second guessing you all the time…. ignore him. Don’t worry, keep at it and you will start finding solutions, you will see opportunities you didn’t see before.

The next thing you know you’ll have a pretty solid plan, and that plan will get better day by day as you continuously work on improving it. This is the American dream, and by taking that first step you just started living it. Feels good right? Hell yeah it does… Taking control of your own life feels fantastic, and you just joined the club.

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