Millennials and the End of the World

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Meet Matt, The World says he is a Lazy, Entitled, Narcissistic, Offended, Selfie-Taking, Technology-Addicted, Triggered, Safe-Space-Seeking, Snowflake.


C.J. Cato
Hi Matt and welcome to The Vow of Practicality.

Thanks so much for having me C.J., glad to be here.

C.J. Cato
OK, well you can see by my introduction that a lot of people in the world don’t think highly of the millennial generation. According to researchers Howe and Strauss in their book Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation millennials are individuals born between 1982 and 2002. So that’s you! You are a millennial… I am so sorry for the diagnosis!

Ha! I appreciate your concern… So I guess if I was born in December of 1981 I would have a completely different prognosis. HaHa

C.J. Cato
Yup… it seems to be pretty black and white… it’s all peer reviewed and stuff. What are your thoughts on the whole thing?

Well… To be honest… A lot of it is true… A lot of people in my age bracket seem to get offended by anything and everything. They blame others for all their problems. They think everything that happens to them is caused by just about anything other than themselves. But most of what they think is causing their problems in life is actually just hyped up media getting them hooked on more media, so they can sell advertising to multinational corporations off the backs of their outrage. What I have come to learn is that you are the only person holding you back in America in 2017. It’s actually just the idea of other things holding them back that holds them back, if you blame other people for all your problems then you are powerless to change your life.

So basically the “stereotypical” millennial tends to be very ideological due to their lack of real world experience. Their heart is in the right place but they haven’t had a real job, or owned a real business, they haven’t been in a real war, or seen real conflict, they haven’t went hungry a day in their life, but they somehow know how to solve everything. Everything is sort of chocolate covered to them because they don’t realize the complexities of the World yet. 

C.J. Cato
So you think millennials for the most part are a hopeless bunch, like everyone else?

HaHa,,, not at all. I said a lot of Millennials fit the mold, not all. I bet if there was some sort of Millennial-Meter to measure such things, it’s probably only about 15% of the millennial population that fit the stereotype.

C.J. Cato
Well that’s encouraging… if you went off what you read online you would think something closer to 90%.

I wish!

C.J. Cato
Wait…. What?

Yeah man. I wish it was like that. Look, after I got out of the Army and finished school I opened up my own gym that specialized in one-on-one personal training. The profit margins aren’t great in fitness so it’s a lot of work to make a living. If all millennials were the stereotype they are made out to be, I would be a multi-millionaire, I would be swimming in clients. Truth be known I have to bust my butt competing against other hard working millennials in the same industry. They are out there hustling.

C.J. Cato
I hadn’t thought about it that way.

Yeah, it’s definitely not all millennials. I mean, whenever I do see a 30 year old man playing video games all day instead of pushing it in real life, I really just want to go and shake his hand.

C.J. Cato
For what?

For helping me get ahead in life. By him removing himself from the workforce in any meaningful way he is making it that much easier for me to move up. Why on Earth would I want more competition? I have a family to feed.

C.J. Cato
OK, this is fascinating, let me get this straight. The entire planet is talking about how lazy millennials are and that the World is going to end because of them. And you are saying the opposite,,, that there are hardly any, but you wish there were more?

You got it….  The lazy ones just get all the attention because they are so ridiculous. They stick out… they’re obvious. Look at it this way, if I’m the lion… the stereotypical millennial is a wounded antelope in open grass at noon. When stuff hits the fan you only notice those two guys, everyone else just blends in.

C.J. Cato
Did you basically just tell me you eat Millennials for breakfast?

Well that would be lunch…  But yes… The stereotypes get eaten… Everybody eats them… They’re delicious!

C.J. Cato
This has been an eye opening interview. Any parting words for our readers?

Yes. If you’re a millennial don’t believe any of the crap people are saying about you. We didn’t suddenly mutate in 1982; we are the same people as non-millennials, just thrust into a time of rapid technological change. Secondly, don’t for a minute think you can’t do something in America because someone else is holding you back. It’s a bunch of  made up horse crap. You control your destiny in America. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like,,, just ask the last president of our nation. And don’t believe all the crap about there being no jobs, or future. That’s all made up media crap too. All you need is a plan to add value to the World, and persistence to get it done. Yes you will stumble… you may stumble a lot… but that’s how you learn! Now then… if you are a 35-year old and still spend all day playing 1st person shooters while you complain about your life through your little game-mic to the 12 year old you are playing against…  please… please…  just keep on doing that; don’t change a thing. The rest of us really appreciate your great sacrifice.


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