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What Seinfeld Taught Me About My Financial Life

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Night Guy vs. Morning Guy

There was this great little routine Jerry Seinfeld did about staying up too late. The joke was that his mind was split into two different people, night guy and morning guy. Night guy would stay up late and watch TV knowing quite well that morning guy was going to pay the price in the morning. The key to the joke was that morning guy couldn’t do anything about night guy. It was a funny bit because we’ve all done this to ourselves and paid the price for it.

Present Guy vs. Future Guy

I remember enjoying the episode when it aired in the ’90s; but it wasn’t until I watched it two decades and two kids later that it took on new meaning. Yes, night guy is a very real person… he absolutely robs morning guy of his quality of life the next day. But the truth is this trivial joke actually plays out on a much larger scale in our lives than Seinfeld cares to go into… probably because it’s not funny.

In real life you have a present-guy and a future-guy, there is a very real version of you waiting patiently years in the future, and that person is really hoping to not get messed over by you. Future-guy is rooting for you more than you can even imagine. He knows that there is no way to go back and fix whatever you do, he is depending on you to make choices that will leave him in a good spot.

When we choose not to go to college or build a skill, it’s future-guy that pays the price. When we choose not to save money, it’s future-guy that gets hurt. When we choose to not take care of our bodies, again future-guy has to deal with it. What is your future-guy/gal hoping you do?

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